Servo PowerShare network provides easy access to electricity in open spaces.

Unlike any other systems, PowerShare is democratic, which means providing access to electric charging for every electric device user in public spaces.

Our economy today is highly information based, thus the propagation of IOT systems is a rational market demand. PowerShare is an answer to this demand.

Primary markets

Apartman houses, municipalities and corporations.

Servo PowerShare bears high potential towards corporations that are exploring new ways in offering new services to their customer base.

Shopping centres, hotels and catering venues, as well as hypermarkets and companies who attribute importance to green communication in terms of CSR, are our potential partners.


The Servo Moped responds to everyday urban demands, it’s quick, easy to charge and grants effortless in-city transport.

The moped is a new member of the LEV (Light electric vehicle) family. It also solves the greatest obstacle LEVs are facing today: charging. Servo Moped can be charged anywhere.

The current situation of LEVs

The greatest problem LEV market is dealing with is charging. We have electricity, we have vehicles using electricity, but currently, almost every LEV are on a leash, bound to the power supply of the owner’s home.

This could be the reason why present-day business and political leaders fail to put sufficient emphasis on fostering the propagation of LEVs, although it would greatly serve the needs of the planet and urban dwellers at the same time.

The Servo Moped solves this problem.

The Servo Moped - classified as  L1e-B – “50 cc scooter” - serves the needs of urban transportation, and it’s easy to charge.

In the long run, the mopeds will be customizable, they will be available in various designs, with different levels of functionality.


The Servo OBU KIT converts simple LEVs into IoT devices.

Servo Movement intends to develop the Servo on board unit aka. OBU Kit, so customers can optimise the use of their own vehicles.

The Servo OBU Kit enables new types of LEV-optimized sharing, thus extends the solutions for urban transportation to further groups of potential customers.

Just like the PowerShare network, Servo OBU Kit is democratic, it won’t be restricted to Servo Moped units.

The goal of Servo Movement and its products is to build an ecosystem available to the widest possible range of customers.

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