About Us

About Us


“I’m a designer. I am also the CEO of a successful digital agency for the past 17 years.

As a designer, I always wanted to develop physical products. As a CEO, I was always stuck in work, and everyday responsibilities.

For a very long  time I had no idea, that if I wait long enough, this won’t be a problem anymore, because physical and digital gets connected, and IoT will be born. So now, I feel like everything's falling into the right place.”

Balázs Csapó, Founder

Now is the time, for SERVO MOVEMENT to be born.

The Origins.

It all started in 2008, when I was in Beijing for my honeymoon. What I saw was crowded bicycle lanes full of e-bikes. I thought this is good, and Europe needs it too.

Although, instead of importing the culture, I wanted to adopt it to the European markets.

That was the moment, when I decided to come home, and drive my company in a direction that enables us to take the first step, and makes hardware development & production possible. Now we are here.


The Lab.

Servo Movement started in a 12 m2 lab, in 2016. At that time, we had an ongoing project as well, so after the successful IoT exit with Beachegg last year, we could start working on it in Virgo’s IoT lab.

From that moment on, two engineers have been working on it full time, while we enjoy the full support of Virgo experts, coming from the fields of industrial design, software and app development, as well.

The support.

Virgo has our back. It was founded by three childhood friends in a small Budapest apartment, in 2000. Today the Group employs more than 150 specialists, it is continuously growing, and expanding to domestic and international markets.

Besides developing its own products - and providing an IoT lab for us - Virgo provides full stack software and digital product development, and manages consulting services in the fields of information technology, and agile development methodologies.

Artists are weighing in as well. For the ergonomics and mechanics of the vehicle, we needed help, and decided to choose a vehicle artist instead of a vehicle producer company. His name is Tamás Pákozdi "Sapka", and he is the proud owner of the 2th price at the Global Championship of Custom Bike Building.

We are partnering with Bielik Árpád aka. "Kompozit" Árpi as well, who manufactures parts of racing vehicles with composite technology.

The Money.

In the beginning of 2017 we involved 150 000 EUR venture capital funding from Investech, the venture capital investor department of 3M.

The Plan.

In the close future, we want to build our own factory in Balatonfűzfő, where more scaled production will be possible.

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